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Dr Tony Hirst

Tony HirstTony Hirst is an academic in the Department of Communication and Systems at the Open University. With a background in electronics from the University of York and a PhD in Evolutionary Computation from The Open University, he has worked on courses relating to artificial intelligence, robotics and information skills. His most recent course is on digital culture and game design.

Through his blog, Tony provides a regularly commentary on new technologies and how they might be useful in an educational context, one day. He is also active in exploring forms of citizen engagement with science and technology matters, originally with a schools based robotics outreach programme with The Open University, and more recently through online engagement with government consultations and open data sets.

As a champion of rapid prototyping approaches to systems development and the power of radical syndication, Tony's project will seek to explore how current Library systems can be persuaded to do so much more, if only they would talk nicely to each other.