M-Libraries: Information use on the move

Examples of mobile information services

The examples below are a selection of the services available in the UK.

Until recently, it has been necessary to specially configure websites to work on small screen devices such as phones and the sites above are examples of these. With the advent of new internet browsers for mobile phones, such as the iPhone Safari browser and Opera Mini it is likely that this will no longer be necessary in the future. Click here for more examples of mobile websites

Some services allow you to sign up for alerts by text message, as well as, or instead of recieving emails. For instance several banks and credit card providers now offer to send you your balance by text message every week. Click here for more examples of SMS alerting services

When access to the internet through mobile phones first became available it was expensive and slow, and the websites available were very basic. Some service providers experimented with allowing you to request information by text message instead. For instance, National rail has for some time now allowed you to request train times by sending them a text message. Click here for more examples of services for requesting information by SMS